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CityMD in the Media

CityMD’s Dr. Nedal Shami comments on New Report Citing Dangerous Bacteria in Ground Turkey

Consumer Reports blames ground turkey meat on some consumer illness. CityMD 's Dr. Nedal Shami offers his observations.

CityMD 's Dr. Michelle Brosnan Wants New Yorkers to Fight Clogged Arteries

CityMD's Dr. Michelle Brosnan gives the lowdown on "good" and "bad" cholesterol, and what New Yorkers can do to strike the right balance.

CityMD 's Dr. Michelle Brosnan Offers Great Advice on "When to Say When"

CityMD 's Dr. Michelle Brosnan points up the hazards of "binge" drinking and offers solid advice on how New Yorkers can drink alcohol more safely.

CityMD 's Dr. Michelle Brosnan Warns: "Keep an Eye on Your 'Shut-Eye'"

CityMD 's Dr. Michelle Brosnan offers an entertaining take on sleep and why New Yorkers should get enough to keep them healthy and alert.

Hepatitis A Warning At West 10th St. Restaurant - CityMD 's Dr. Leonard Pastula Interviewed

Ordering a specific dessert item at a West Village restaurant brought a word of caution when a pastry worker unknowingly contracted Hepatitis A and reported to work. CityMD 's Dr. Leonard Pastula was interviewed by WNBC-TV reporter, Brynn Gingras.

New CityMD / Yankees Radio Spot Airs

Our NY Yankees Radio announcement read by "The Voice of the Yankees" - John Sterling. Give a listen!

CityMD Endorsed by Prominent NYC Blogger

Mommy blogger, Libby Hobday, author of, has endorsed CityMD as a great resource for mothers in New York City.

CityMD Upper West Side Hosts Panel on Healthier Living in NYC

Residents came to CityMD on the Upper West Side, at 2465 Broadway, to review NYC's unique health issues and learn how to live healthier and longer. Panel included Dr. John Kahoun from CityMD and three of New York's prominent "mommy bloggers." Check out the video!

CityMD 's Dr. Ned Shami Warns: New York's Icy Streets Can Cause You Pain!

CityMD 's Ned Shami featured in WCBS-TV story on snow and ice-related pedestrian injuries.

CityMD 's Dr. Michelle Brosnan Offers the "Tip-Off" on Ankle Sprains in Basketball

Listen to our very own Dr. Michelle Brosnan tell basketball enthusiasts how to prevent injuries and sprains on the court. Spot aired Jan. 27.

CityMD 's Dr. Michelle Brosnan Advises on Age-Old Question: "Should I Work Out When I'm Ill?"

Listen to our very own "Dr. Michelle" as she helps listeners decide whether to participate in sports and athletics when cold symptoms appear. Spot aired Jan. 24.

CityMD 's Dr. Michelle Brosnan Hosts New Radio Spot

CityMD is now the official injury report sponsor of ESPN NY Knicks Radio / 98.7FM. Hear our own Dr. Michelle Brosnan on fighting the flu in this clip aired Jan. 17.

CityMD 's Dr. Craig Zebuda Tells NY1, Flu Season Serious, Patient Visits Up

With an order from the Governor to issue mandatory flu shots to minors, pharmacies are scrambling to cut their own red tape to comply. Dr. Veridrame comments.

Dr. Michael Veridrame of CityMD Comments on Pharmacies Delaying Flu Shots to Minors

With an order from the Governor to issue flu shots to minors, pharmacies are scrambling to cut their own red tape to comply. Dr. Veridrame comments.

Dr. Jon Weinstein Queried About NYC's Flu Season

CityMD 's Dr. Jon Weinstein was interviewed by WCBS-TV's Sean Hennessey about the extent of this year's flu virus outbreak.

Dr. Hong Choi Urges New Yorkers: Watch Hand Hygiene During Flu Season

In an interview on Fox 5, Dr. Hong Choi urged New Yorkers to keep hands clean and get the flu shot this year.

Dr. Gary Mazer interviewed by WCBS-TV on Flu Season

Dr. Gary Mazer of CityMD interviewed by CBS reporter Steve Langford on the public's desperate rush for flu shots in New York.

CityMD Featured Prominently in Report on the Flu Season

Reporter Kerry Drew stood outside CityMD and interviewed CityMD personnel in this report about the outsize demand for flu vaccine.

WCBS-TV Reports on Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Driving while drowsy is a big danger. CityMD 's Dr. Nedal Shami is featured in this report.

Fox News Interviews Dr. Nedal Shami on Flu Outbreak

Fox New's Alice Gainer interviewed CityMD 's Dr. Nedal Shami on the seriousness of this year's flu strain.

WCBS-TV features CityMD in Flu Report

Dr. Craig Zebuda featured on WCBS-TV report urging viewers to get a flu shot.